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I used to hate Instagram, now I love it!

Regular followers of my blog who are blessed with exceptional memories (come on, that’s you isn’t it!) may remember that a while back I posted a piece in which I moaned on about Instagram really not being for me, despite my fulfilling its essential criteria of a) being under thirty, and b) active on social media.

Well, I’m still both of those things, and since 2017 began I’ve found myself in the humbling position of having to eat my previous words.  Not that I’m going to display the resulting dish on Instagram, you understand.

So exactly what’s caused this turnaround, you may ask?

Well, when I wrote that previous post I was of the opinion that Instagram could only really work if you didn’t sit working in the same office day in, day out – because if you did, what could possibly be changing on a regular enough basis that people would want to see pictures of it?

Reader, I was wrong.  Because what Instagram does so well, even if you are sitting in the same office every day, is show your followers a true, behind-the-scenes view of you and your business, essentially helping them get to know you a bit better even before they’ve bought anything from you.

As the oft-quoted saying goes, people deal with people, so anything that helps them see you as a real person behind the business is a very good thing indeed!

You can carry on this approach outside of the office, too.  Got a big networking meeting or presentation coming up?  A quick picture and informative caption will show your followers that you’re getting out and about, displaying sociable success – and clients will mostly enjoy being tagged for a free publicity boost, too!

It hasn’t been all that unusual for me to post the odd picture of a particularly excellent cup of coffee too, I hasten to add – and again, if you do this when you’re meeting with people, it can show off your more social side to great effect.

In essence, I’ve discovered that what’s below the surface on Instagram is far more interesting than it first appears, when it’s put to work on showcasing the personality of you and your business.

I’ve always been an advocate of Instagram for a great deal of other businesses – as you’ll see way back in my more critical post! – but now I’m starting to see how it could be fantastic for mine as well.  Consider my previous words well and truly eaten.

(I’m still not quite sure about all those dinner pics, though!)

Have I changed your opinion about the wonders of Instagram, or were you a smug early adopter?  Regardless, why don’t you come and see what we’re up to at Silver Compass by following us?


  1. Hannah on 2nd April 2017 at 4:35 pm

    I currently just use Facebook to promite my business. What benefits would there be to Instantaneous as well? Thanks

  2. Hannah on 2nd April 2017 at 4:36 pm


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