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How to make more of your email marketing by doing less

As you might imagine, I’m a huge fan of email marketing.  There quite simply is no better or easier way to gain access to a worldwide audience of potential customers from the comfort of their living rooms – with no need whatsoever to worry about polishing up your sales patter or worrying about how you look!

Despite all this, I still speak to many people who don’t use email marketing at all, mainly because they think it takes up far too much time to produce the right kind of content.

If you’re one of these people, you’re missing a trick.  Why?  Well, there are many ways to package up your amazing content and if you do it right, you can get it working hard for you, via targeted e-mails people will feel compelled to read and respond to.

Add email marketing to your content plan

If you run a small business, it’s likely you have a content plan (if you haven’t, I recommend you get started on making one, however simple!) which details what information you’re putting out to potential clients about your business.

Before you start organising your email marketing, think about where you’d like it to sit within that plan.  I personally see email marketing as the perfect bridge between more detailed web content such as online videos and blogs, and shorter, snappier content including social media posts.  This means email marketing is perfectly primed…

Recycle content

…for you to take longer pieces of content, such as a blog post you’ve spent time putting together, and compressing it to be read and absorbed quickly in a short email.  Alternatively, you could expand on a social media post you’re particularly proud of – and that left readers wanting to know more!

Make it easily digestible

Attention spans are short, particularly when people are scrolling through their emails, so make an instant impact by chopping longer content into easy-to-glance parts.  Break up paragraphs so they appear friendlier, and use punchy sentences that people can take in quickly as they gulp down their morning coffee!  Oh – and don’t forget to add a call to action at the end…provide a compelling reason for people to respond now, otherwise they’ll make a mental note to do it later and may well forget.

How to use ‘how-to’ guides effectively

Have you produced any ‘how-to’ guides about your business?  If not, you should be!  Not only are they a brilliant way to get people engaging with your business (for example by making them available to download exclusively from your website), but they’re an excellent source of email marketing content for you to draw upon later on.  A longer ‘how to’ guide can be broken up into a swift ‘5 quick tips…’ list email that will spark the right kind of curiosity.  Simply find the most impactful part – this is most often the headline – and break it down so it lands well at first glance.

Here at Silver Compass, we know email marketing so well that we’re on first-name terms with it.  So if you need any help, further information or a friendly chat about its benefits then we’d very happy to talk – please get in touch!

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