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Proven digital marketing for
small to medium sized businesses

We work with some of the most amazing small and medium sized businesses. We use a range of proven digital marketing techniques to deliver more leads and increase customer spend.

Our digital marketing services to help you grow

We love small businesses and want to make them as successful as possible. We've delivered hundreds of leads and worked with many, many inspiring individuals.

Social media marketing

Social Media is one of the best ways to let more people fine out about your business – but it is getting you more sales?

We have a proven track record of managing Social Media effectively for our clients, making them look great online and delivering great quality leads and sales.

Email marketing

You probably know that email marketing is one of the best things a small business can do to increase their sales – but do you know how to put together a killer newsletter that brings in money to your business time and again? Work with us to put together marketing emails that help you build a relationship with your customers – so they keep coming back time and again.

Online content creation

Know what you want to say about your business, but don’t know how to say it?

Let us help you out with our article and content creation services. We’ll make sure that you are saying the right things to the right people – so that your business can grow!

Facebook advertising

When it comes to generating solid leads online for your business, there is no better tool than Facebook Advertising. It is the most widely used social network in the world.

Get your business in front of exactly the right people – at exactly the right time.

What do we do?

What our customers have to say

"I’ve had at least a third more people sign up for my Facebook page, and even better than that we ran a really successful campaign on my Facebook page over this last month which has meant that I’ve gained three more clients."


“It’s been a pleasure working with Sam. He put together a clear, concise strategy for reviewing our social media activity which we worked through together. With his help we’ve then implemented a more focused and streamlined approach which has saved us time and effort and more importantly increased our followers by a third.”


“I was introduced to Sam via a mutual contact and am really grateful for that introduction. He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient when explaining how and why things work. He listens carefully to my ramblings about what I want to achieve and then quietly evaluates the best way to construct and deliver. We have been working together for some time now and I am absolutely sure we will continue to do so.”


“Sam helped us create and implement both the style and infrastructure of an innovative online campaign based around a Black Friday offering. This was quite unique in our industry, to say the results exceeded expectations is a real understatement. We now have not only some very happy new members, but a pipeline of potential members going forward. We are simply delighted.”


“I am the proprietor of a family run bespoke decorating company and thought it was about time I got a web site to show clients what I am about, and oh wow did I pick the right person in Sam from Silver Compass Digital. From start to finish he was absolutely fantastic and met all my needs and some. Sam is an honest reliable man to take care of your web needs, I cannot praise him highly enough. Thanks Sam.”


"Working with Sam at Constant Contact was a genuine pleasure… I am very happy to recommend Sam for your digital projects – whether small business or not-for-profit oriented."


“I’m a family portrait photographer living in London, and needed a professional copy-writer to work closely with to expand my web site. Sam came highly recommended and true enough, he has been a fabulous help to my business. I will go to the ends of the earth to recommend Sam.”


“The amazing Sam Bailey taught me how to make my own videos on google hangout in an hour on Friday. Just went in and made one all by myself today! Plus he’s such a lovely man to know and work with… highly recommend!”


"Sam’s in depth knowledge in social media has been key in helping me develop my online profile for my environmental consulting business. I would recommend Sam to anyone that needs a professional online presence as part of their business marketing."


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